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Get Bagpipe Ready Patreon

Learning how to play the pipes can be hard... or it can be FUN! 😄 
You don't have to struggle alone! I'd love to play a part in your piping journey! I'll let you into my music journey and I'll give you a hand on your piping journey as well.

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Get Bagpipe Ready Patreon
  • Receive a personalized welcome video from me AND unlimited bagpipe chat support (I'll respond in 1-2 business days)

  • Watch never before videos of my performances and get the inside scoop on how I work through my own self doubts! 😁

  • Download my 3 Ebooks of Bagpipe Sheet music

  • Vote on tune names for my latest tune compositions

  • Get Entry into periodical draws for cool stuff like Get Bagpipe Ready T-shirts, quality practice chanters, and more!

  • And of course, I'll be looking at you, through the camera when I make my next YouTube video!

“I played the bagpipes when I was younger but haven't picked them up for over 15 years until now, the Get Bagpipe Ready Monthly Membership videos are making the transition back into it a lot easier. Thanks very much Alec!!”

Hamish, Bagpiper

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