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Practice Chanter For Beginners


So, you want to learn how to play the bagpipes? Well, like most anything new, it is always best to begin with the basics. If you learn how to ride a bicycle, it often begins with a tricycle, or with training wheels. For Bagpipes, that looks like a practice chanter for beginners.

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You don't need to stress about which set of bagpipes is best for starting to learn how to play the Bagpipes!  A good quality practice chanter is perfect if you are wanting to teach yourself the bagpipes online.  Looking for recommendations from other bagpipers on which practice chanters you should buy?

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If you have gotten your first practice chanter, My Get Bagpipe Ready Workshops will help you learn the proper fingering, good embellishment technique, all the while having fun learning tunes! 

The first step to learning how to play the bagpipes is consistency. Of Course, it's so easy to simply say, practice, and more practice. But, The real secret to learn the bagpipes is HOW to stay consistent day-in and day out? Life throws curve balls, work gets busy, and family dedication matters.
Get my free Bagpiping guide to develop your Daily Bagpipe Practice! 

When life gets busy, those boring practice chanter exercises are usually tossed out the window along with your practice chanter and dreams of learning the bagpipes. 

Beginner bagpipers fear NOT!

My Beginner Bagpipe 101 Workshop will quickly get you into learning tunes. Yes, it is possible to skip the mundane chanter fingering exercises and have fun learning tunes whilst still learning proper piping technique!   

I am excited for your bagpipe journey and I am proud to have my Get Bagpipe Ready piping instruction  serve you in learning how to play the bagpipe sooner than what you thought possible. If you are especially struggling to teach yourself the bagpipes, yet still full of determination, My Get Bagpipe Ready Coaching could make all the difference!

Contact me today at Get Bagpipe Ready, and start your journey in learning how to play the bagpipes.

Learn modern and traditional bagpipe tunes In my Get Bagpipe Ready Workshops. There are basic instruction without embellishments as well more advanced bagpipe tutoring with all embellishments included. 

Get Bagpipe Ready is here to help intermediate and beginner pipers to have fun learning new piping tunes and play with better technique.

Thank you for visiting Get Bagpipe Ready, and for carrying on the piping tradition, the beauty, and the soul-stirring music that only the bagpipes can offer.

More Resources For Learning Yourself How To Play The Bagpipes Online



My Get Bagpipe Ready YouTube Channel has free lessons and expert tips for beginner and intermediate pipers!


Get support & encouragement to stay consistent in learning the bagpipes and the practice chanter.


Skip the mundane, boring exercises and get proper techniques whilst having fun adding new tunes to your bagpiping repertoire!


1 on 1 bagpipe advice to curb the frustration that can come with transitioning from the chanter to the bagpipes!

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