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Free Online Bagpipe Workshops

Free Online Bagpipe Workshops

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What Are Other Pipers Saying?


"First of all, just a HUGE thanks to Alec for making what was a long given up dream of playing the pipes what now seems like a realistic goal in the near future.

In just a few short weeks, I've gone from essentially a complete beginner to having the basic melody of Amazing Grace down, and a (if I can say so myself) a not too disgraceful attempt at the embellished version. Also had so much fun starting to play around with tunes such as The Skye Boat Song and The Gael.

Alec really breaks down each tune in to manageable chunks, and just offers this reassurance that no matter how difficult you find a note or transition, with perserverence and practice you will for sure crack it.

Subscribing for Alec's workshops is hugely worth it, I really would recommend it as you'll get great step by step instruction, and he really does make each lesson fun! I would never have thought before starting this journey that I would smile or laugh so much! I've just today started to explore Highland Cathedral and will keep working on getting myself Bagpipe Ready!"

Ben, Bagpiper