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Playing Bagpipe

About Alec

I've played the bagpipes since I was 9 years old and now I am here to help aspiring bagpipers become confident on the practice chanter and transition to the pipes!


Receiving professional bagpiper instruction, I won many medals competing in solo piping (Grade 3) in highland games across Canada. Before I could progress to the next level of competition I set my competitive piping aside for rugby and track & field. 


I also learned many other instruments including trumpet, Irish whistles, the bodhran, and a bit of mandolin.


After stopping competitions, piping remained an important part of my life. I went busking in the city, played in pub crawls with pipe bands, and performed at various weddings & funerals. I taught myself the bellows-blown Scottish small pipes and wrote half a dozen of my own tunes.


In the fall of 2019, I started teaching myself the banjo and discovered the amazing teacher, Jim Pankey, on YouTube. His instructional videos easily helped me play multiple songs on the banjo.


I was inspired to share my piping knowledge and love for teaching with beginner bagpipers. 

I started doing free bagpipe lessons on YouTube using the same teaching style that had worked best for me.


I am very thankful for all the aspiring pipers who have supported the growth of my humble YouTube Channel into a Facebook Group, multiple online Tune Workshops, a Monthly Membership, and Bagpipe Coaching Services. 

You never know what can be achieved if you just keep on piping on.


Remember, You've got this! Happy piping :)

About Get Bagpipe Ready

Online chanter Lessons & workshops to fast forward your bagpiping journey! Skip the mundane, boring exercises and get proper techniques whilst having FUN adding new tunes to your bagpiping repertoire!


Get Bagpipe Ready is AWESOME!


What Are Other Pipers Saying?


"First of all, just a HUGE thanks to Alec for making what was a long given up dream of playing the pipes what now seems like a realistic goal in the near future.

In just a few short weeks, I've gone from essentially a complete beginner to having the basic melody of Amazing Grace down, and a (if I can say so myself) a not too disgraceful attempt at the embellished version. Also had so much fun starting to play around with tunes such as The Skye Boat Song and The Gael.

Alec really breaks down each tune in to manageable chunks, and just offers this reassurance that no matter how difficult you find a note or transition, with perserverence and practice you will for sure crack it.

Subscribing for Alec's workshops is hugely worth it, I really would recommend it as you'll get great step by step instruction, and he really does make each lesson fun! I would never have thought before starting this journey that I would smile or laugh so much! I've just today started to explore Highland Cathedral and will keep working on getting myself Bagpipe Ready!"

Ben, Bagpiper


Atholl Highlanders
Auld Lang Syne
Amazing Grace & Beginner Bagpiping 101 Workshop
Battle of the Somme
Bonnie Dundee
Carol of the Bells
Cock O' The North
Copperhead Road
Danny Boy
The Dark Isle
The Final Count down
Flowers of the Forest
Flower of Scotland
Frere Jacques
The Gael
Garry Owen
Glasgow City Police Pipers
Going Home
The Green Hills of Tyrol
Greensleeves (What Child is This)
Happy Birthday
Hector the Hero
Highland Cathedral
Highland Laddie
Hot Cross Buns
How Great Thou Art
I'd Love to Teach The World to Sing
I'll Tell Me Ma
The Little Drummer Boy
Loch Rannoch
A Man's a Man For a' That
Magnificent 7
Mairi's Wedding
The Minstrel Boy
Mist Covered Mountains
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

Orange and Blue
Paddy's Leather Breeches
Road to the Isles
The Rowan Tree
Scotland The Brave
Scots Wha Hae
Skye Boat Song
Star Wars
Unchained Melody
The Wearing of the Green
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
When the Battle's Over
Whiskey in the Jar

Free Online Bagpipe Workshops

Free Online Bagpipe Workshops

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All Categories

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