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How to Play Bagpipes


There is no other instrument and no other soul-stirring sound like the bagpipes. If you've heard the pipes calling you, that information, however, is no surprise. What may be surprising to many people though, is how easy it actually is to learn how to play bagpipes.

I started Get Bagpipe Ready to help you answer your call to the pipes and bust the myth that bagpipes are the hardest instrument to learn!!!

Let's start myth busting right now! Click The video below to learn how to play Scotland the Brave on the practice chanter!

In fact I'll bet with a wee bit of piping instruction you'll be able to learn Scotland the Brave in under 20 minutes!


Whenever people say to me, "wow, it must be so hard to learn to play the bagpipes," I always say, "Nonsense! Out of half a dozen or more instruments, bagpipes have been by far the easiest to learn!"

Here are 4 reasons why I found it easier to learn the bagpipes, (not including the fact that I learned the bagpipes when I was 9 years old, whereas most of my other instruments I have struggled to learn as an adult).

1. There are only 9 holes, and no extra keys, buttons, or frets.
2. There is only one active (plus 1 note).

3. For the most part, playing the melody focuses on one hand or the other, not both.
4. There is lots of repetition.

What are you waiting for? Go out and buy a bagpipe practice chanter! Find that old chanter your wife and kids gave you as a present. Yes, I'm talking about the one that came with that stupid bagpipe tutoring book that was both boring AND hard. (I have never managed to learn the bagpipes from a "step-by-step" book!!) I learn best (and have the most fun) learning the bagpipes by starting to play songs.

Let's save you from despairing over practice chanter exercises. Click on the video below to Learn a real tune ASAP!

in this video I teach you the simple tune "Hot Cross Buns". You'll be able to play the C, B, and low A notes. On top of that, you'll have triplets, B strikes, and low A strikes nailed down too!


The truth is many people today are taking online bagpipe lessons to learn how to play pipes.

Gone are the days when you need to be lucky enough to live next door to a professional bagpipe instructor just to learn how to play the bagpipes! My Get Bagpipe Ready Coaching clients don't even have to wear a kilt! You too can get personalized bagpipe tutoring from the comfort of your own home, no matter how far you live from the nearest pipe band.

I'd like to personally welcome you to Get Bagpipe Ready, where you can learn how to play bagpipes while having fun and building your pipe tune repertoire. My bagpipe instruction in my Get Bagpipe Ready Workshops will meet you at your skill level and allow you to learn at your pace from home.

Just remember, the more you practice and the more you play, the quicker you will learn.

From online bagpipe lessons to personalized bagpipe instruction Get Bagpipe Ready is here to help you on your piping journey.

It starts simple, with learning how to play using a practice chanter. My free guide show you exactly how to start your Daily Bagpipe Practice. You can be playing bagpipes sooner than you think!

 At Get Bagpipes Ready, you can learn the proper technique, have fun getting new tunes under your belt, and ease the transition from your practice chanter to your full set of bagpipes. If it has to do with bagpipes, Get Bagpipes Ready can help.

Thank you for visiting Get Bagpipes Ready, and I'm honored to be of service as you journey into learning how to play the bagpipes. Contact me today to learn more about my online bagpipe lessons and even my personalized online bagpipe instruction.

There is no other sound in the world like bagpipes. It doesn't matter if you don't think you have a musical bone in your body. Piping is in your blood. The pipes are calling you. Now let's Get Bagpipe Ready! 

More Resources For Learning Yourself How To Play The Bagpipes Online



My Get Bagpipe Ready YouTube Channel has free lessons and expert tips for beginner and intermediate pipers!


Get support & encouragement to stay consistent in learning the bagpipes and the practice chanter.


Skip the mundane, boring exercises and get proper techniques whilst having fun adding new tunes to your bagpiping repertoire!


1 on 1 bagpipe advice to curb the frustration that can come with transitioning from the chanter to the bagpipes!

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